Kathrin Smirke / www.bandsofcolor.com

Welcome to Bands of Color, my official stained glass website! My name is Kathrin Smirke, and I am a stained glass artist living on the beautiful Mendocino Coast of Northern California with my husband Brian, and two dogs, Chloe and Mr. Wendell. I discovered my love for stained glass at an early age when I created my very first rose flower sun catcher at an art fair in Germany. But it wasn’t until later in life while living in Los Angeles, CA that I was able to revisit this lost experience by taking classes on the skill and artistry of stained glass making. From that moment on, it was genuine love for the process – pattern creation, glass selection, cutting and shaping, etc. For me, it represented the perfect cohesion of two parallel processes – the artistic flexibility of creating a design and the precise nature inherent in glass as a medium. 

Although most of the pieces on my website are original designs, I am always open for collaborative projects and custom pieces. Feel free to contact me with further inquires via email at bandsofcolorstainedglass@gmail.com

If you would like to see more of my stained glass work and personal life, please follow along on Instagram @kathrinsmirke or @bandsofcolor (stained glass only).

Thanks for stopping by!